Verify Certificate Test

Verify Your Certificate

As a global Shari’a Advisor we carry a big responsibility towards finding innovative ways to give back to the investor community.

Through this online engine we’re committing ourselves to provide you safe, secure, reliable and up-to-date information on the Shari’a compliance status and Shari’a audit of your investment whenever you need it. So if you have been presented our Shari’a Certificate simply enter the unique Certificate No (usually located on the top right or left and would look something like this SRB-12-04-01-9-04-15) in the box below and click the Search button.

Your investments are important to you, and making sure it stays Shari’a compliant is important to us. And we’ll also constantly work on ways to improve our reporting process.

If you have any problems using the search engine to verify your certificate, please contact us.