Yasser S. Dahlawi Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yasser Dahlawi brings unique experience in counselling enterprises and executive teams as they embark on journeys to Shari’a compliant markets. In his 22 years work experience Yasser has advised clients in a range of industries – including Islamic banking, Islamic Insurance, Real Estate and Private Equity – but his primary area of work involves assisting the financial sector develop and establish Shari’a compliant businesses.He has been involved in multiple study/project mandates such as exploring customer’s inputs and managing Shari’a compatible financial products.

In his current role as CEO, Yasser spends more than half of his time working with clients directly. Yasser serves as a leader of both client satisfaction and best organization practices. As a Certified Shari’a Advisor & Auditor (CSAA) and holder of MBA (The University of Hull, UK) he remains passionate in providing “world-changing” service to accelerate the development of Shari’a compliant markets.


Client Advisory
Relationship Management