Mohammad E. AlKooheji Review & Audit Manager / Financing Co’s

Mohamed Ebrahim holds Bachelor’s in Shari’a and Law from University of Al- Azhar and is currently pursuing his Masters in Islamic studies from Al Imam Al Aozai’I University (Lebanon). He is an occasional lecturer on Shafi Fiqh & is also a student of the renowned Scholars from Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.

He draws his major experience in law from his previous position as a Committees Affairs Coordinator Specialist between the Legislative & Executive authority of Kingdom of Bahrain acting as the primary channel of communication at Ministry of Shura Council & Representative Council Affairs (Legislative authority) his role was to assist, revise and represent their decision & approval programs while arranging for ongoing meetings between the two authorities; documenting records, tracking recommendations made and overseeing concerns. His current position, as Assistant Shari’a Auditor apart from assistance to internal Shari’a Review and Audit Department’s tasks & assignments, entails collaborating, as an internal resource, with clients’ for product queries or related compliance issues and directing it to appropriate scholarly existing channels for investigation and resolution.


Client Advisory
Relationship Management