Mansoor M. Ahmed Assistant General Manager

Mansoor has worked over nine years in Islamic Advisory Services in all segments of Islamic Banking, Takaful and Capital Markets. He has developed a large number of relationships with Islamic and conventional global financial institutions and has led a broad range of engagements in the US, Europe and GCC focused on alternative investments, Islamic ETF, Green Energy and Shari’a compliant equity Funds.

His experience spans corporate growth strategy, research, business & organization development and performance transformation. He works with the CEO to strengthen operational performance, effective interactive engagement and client satisfaction.

At the same time, Mansoor works hand in hand with clients executive teams to strengthen scholarly engagement, product approval turnover and deepening collaboration across businesses. Mansoor regularly hosts SRB roundtables on leadership and change management.

He holds MBA in International Business (UK), PGD (Associate Fellowship, UK) in “Islamic Banking & Insurance”, and “ICBR” from Global Association of Risk Professional (USA). He is a prolific commentator on Economics and financial markets and is the writer of the investigative report titled “Shari’a Review – The Need for Independent Observance”. His other works include “Is Islamic Banking Really a Mirage”, and “Unraveling the theory of Interest – The Great Biases”.


Client Advisory
Relationship Management