Inventing New Tomorrows

We continue to dream big about forging new paths and ideas for the Islamic industry players. By focusing on the excitement of new product developments, creative investment challenges and the joys of new engagements, we remain inspired about the future of our industry and how we help entities dream big and invent new tomorrows.

Meet our latest engagement, Zaman Bank. An incredible institute seeking to transform into a fully fledged Islamic Retail Bank with a commitment to solving the biggest financial challenges faced by customers and societies in Kazakhstan. They have co-sourced the Sharia Board, Certification and developmental ideas to us — this helps encourage and speed up innovation in a sector that is majorly siloed. From designing new ways of products, to re-working the biggest corporate credit schemes, to spectacular new commodity brokerage services, Zaman Bank is seeking to deliver heartfelt experiences from every angle.

The theme that connects all of our efforts, services, and solutions is our dream of improving corporate lives of our clients and making a better Islamic industry for the world. And we know that continuing to grow as a global Sharia Advisor depends on the care and growth of institutes like Zaman Bank.

We’ll continue working to realize that dream!