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Sharia compliant Insurance is playing a central role in creating new business opportunities around the world. Our Sharia scholars work with leading insurance companies, including health and life insurers, property and marine insurers and re-insurers. We help Islamic insurance cut costs on Sharia Supervisory Boards and improve Sharia Review functions.



How We Help Clients

We serve 23% of the Islamic insurance companies listed on the Saudi stock exchange. We can help position and setup Sharia compliance for success by helping you develop and certify tailored policies that enhance new Islamic risk capabilities and incorporate Takaful and cooperative features. We offer a wide range of expertise such as:

  • Prioritizing issues for Sharia Board EngagementNew growth plans require a speedy, rigorous analysis to capture the value and opportunities in the market. Here, our Sharia Supervisory Board reviews and certification timelines play a critical role to prioritize your organization’s outreach efforts.
  • Building internal reviewer capabilitiesTo successfully execute the internal control Sharia processes your organization must proactively engage with legal, product developers, compliance, consumers, auditors, and other financial institutions. We help translate Sharia approvals into credible systems improving the overall Sharia compliance collaboration between management and various other departments. 

Featured Clients

Bupa Arabia |KSA

Serving Since: 2011 to date

With more than 3 million members Bupa Arabia is the largest healthcare insurance company in Saudi Arabia meeting the Islamic insurance needs of individual clients, families as well as some of the Kingdom’s largest companies. In 2008, Bupa Arabia decided to offer 40% of its shares to the public in the most successful IPO ever floated for an insurance company in KSA, one that was oversubscribed by more than 900%.  Needing enhanced Sharia assurance and scalability due to the expanding nature of its services coupled with hosting local regulatory mandates, the company turned to us looking for dedicated team of scholars and experts who can help manage its core Sharia compliant healthcare options. We designed an end-state Sharia Advisory platform to oversee its medical polices in light of Sharia with an annual reporting structure and an optimal mix of Sharia risks and opportunities, while capturing internal synergies and minimizing non-permissible revenue impact. The collaborative effort allowed us to meet – and in some cases go beyond –  the company’s requirements in providing them with a comprehensive Shari’a Advisory solution. LEARN MORE >


Tawuniya Insurance & Reinsurance |KSA

Serving Since: 2011 to date

The superstar of cooperative insurance in the Kingdom, modern-centric Islamic insurance policies and 115 offices maintains a vast presence in Saudi Arabia. Having a diversified portfolio with GWP of 7.5 billion riyals and a paid-up capital of 1000 million riyals, it is little wonder that the company has been assigned (A) rating by Standard & Poor’s for ten consecutive years. This rapid development and growth in the region has put creating and hosting specialized Islamic insurance policies designed to be deployed in a competitive market. Supported by our Sharia task-force, we provided the company Sharia Advisory muscle to lead their Islamic insurance offerings and maximize their appeal in light of Islamic cooperative guidelines. We assembled a team of scholars to make the Sharia Supervisory Board from multiple sources, performed Sharia status assessment, and developed a Shari’a investment capability that ensured Sharia compliance in the pilot markets, setting the company on course toward their goal. In addition to development and growth, Tawuniya does not hesitate to take advantage of our dedicated team of in-house experts, to ensure stability and scalability in matters of product structuring whenever needed. LEARN MORE >


SEIB Insurance Reinsurance Takaful |Qatar

Serving Since: 2012 to date

Many of our customers have taken advantage of how easy it is to work with us in terms of Sharia Supervisory applications, Sharia certification services as well as quick and straightforward Sharia compliance audits. Seib Takaful, noted for its work in the Qatari business community, has taken advantage of our swiftness and flexibility by outsourcing their Sharia Supervisory Board and annual Sharia Audit functions to us. With our help, the company developed an integrated Sharia compliance strategy that ensured it could meet and exceed the Sharia Board expectations of both the Qatari regulators and Takaful market practice. Additionally, our services ensures that their policies, investments and operations are reviewed in light of Sharia and certified in uptime no matter what. A distinct advantage of our outsourcing facility is that we maximize our clients Sharia compliance value within a speedy time frame across channels by establishing key Islamic financial benchmarks and clarifying related Takaful guidelines. LEARN MORE >