Full Testimonial

Stellar is a multi-currency payment backend that tens of thousands of people use every day. It’s decentralized, open-source, and developer-friendly, so anyone can issue assets, settle payments, and trade. Stellar is a  blockchain, but it works more like cash—Stellar is much faster and cheaper than bitcoin, for example. And it uses far less electricity.




Lisa C. Nestor, Director of Partnerships,
Stellar Development Foundation

Our experience working with the Shariyah Review Bureau was excellent. They were clear in outlining their process, diligent in their review and it was an absolute pleasure working with their team. The certification process itself was quick and highly customized. The SRB team did a great job independently reviewing our public documentation and open-source code. And once the certification was complete, they were great partners in executing a press and marketing strategy so we could get this news in front of managers and executives who would care, at financial institutions around the globe.

What impressed me about Shariyah Review Bureau was their ability to deeply understand the novelties of Stellar’s blockchain ledger, things like our consensus and asset issue design, and then apply Sharia principles to this totally new technology. I think that’s a rare skill in the market and takes exceptional talent.

I would recommend SRB to any technology company that wants to offer products and services to the Islamic Finance industry, or any financial institution that’s looking for guidance in understanding how blockchain technology, including specific ledgers and asset classes, operates within the principles of Islamic law.