Falah Capital is introducing the next generation of index and rules-based fund products for institutional and individual investors. For the first time, faith-based Investors in the United States and world-wide will be able to track U.S. equity index returns screened for Islamic investment principles.




Thomas Polson, CEO and Co-Founder,
Falah Capital, USA

“SRB has a large number of clients.  Even with that the speed at which responses to questions and rests are done in a very timely manner.  The one time I was in Bahrain in 2012, I came by the office without much warning and welcomed to sit and discuss at leisure.

The flexibility has to be the key standout.  Multiple working languages, skills in all areas of IF, and friendly stance. Without it, the service offering would be limited.  By having a wide reach, scholars in multiple locations, products and services can easily be market focused in their design. 

In a growing industry like our, it is always good to work with trusted people.”