OP Investment Management Ltd (“OPIM”) is a leading asset management company based in Hong Kong, and a member of the Oriental Patron Financial Group.






Michael Stockford, CEO, Hong Kong  

“I’ve always been terribly skeptical of third party advisors particularly their promises on unachievable deadlines. And to make things worse in our case we were in completely different time zones being headquartered in Hong Kong and relentlessly working to structure a Shari’a compliant real estate fund in Australia. But the team at Shariyah Review Bureau has this phenomenal momentum. I mean their availability was simply amazing and their commitment to a speedy approval (Fatwa) astounded me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shariyah Review Bureau as the Shari’a Advisor to other investment companies, in fact I do not make personal recommendations lightly, which is perhaps the highest compliment I can pay them.”