Technology is transforming the way business is done in the financial industry. It is now becoming clear to many that there is a fin-tech revolution under way, and its impact can help create wealth of opportunities in the Islamic financial markets. Our Sharia Certification and Sharia Audit assurance has the potential to help these rising technological stars offer the same revolutionary services to Islamic investors with better, faster and more accessible financing opportunities.   


How We Help Clients  

  • Sharia Review and certification management: Reviewing transactions in light of Sharia practices is our heritage, so we work with you to gain deep understanding of your core business and technological opportunities for success and then link it with Sharia compliance requirements. During the process we try and determine the factors that most directly influence Sharia risks along with non-permissible dimensions that decelerate your performance. We then develop key investment level focal points in our Certification that help align Sharia compliance value and add credibility to your financial model.
  • Value based Sharia Audit Assurance: Our practice helps select the appropriate metrics to define the Sharia compliance value aspiration, monitor ongoing Sharia risks, and, embed an enhanced program that protects your transactions from non-compliant issues. During our Shari’a Audit we consider all transactional options, and ensure that the result is consistent with both Sharia Certification guidelines and Islamic financial strategies. 

Featured Clients

Beehive P2P Ltd | Dubai, DIFC

Serving Since: 2015 to date

One of the first and longest-tenured peer to peer Fin-tech company in existence in the UAE, Beehive P2P, continues to manage, promote and facilitate Sharia compliant financing solutions for SME’s. Beehive directly connects businesses looking for finance with a crowd of investors, creating mutually beneficial partnerships for growth and better returns. With the rapid demand for their services,  the company’s leadership turned to us to help ensure technological components of their financial chain were robust and active from a Sharia perspective so as to support their Islamic offerings and continued growth. We focused our efforts, in light of Sharia guidelines, on the highest-value financial levers in order to review the technological process behind the platform. We then established a task-force to administer their day to day crowdfunding affairs and to ensure that they do not miss any new opportunity in the Sharia compliant market. To help them get regulated by the Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA) we established their Sharia Supervisory Board and to date continue overseeing their reviews, certification and Sharia assurance requirements. LEARN MORE >


Ovamba | US & Cameroon 

Serving Since: 2015 to date

Ovamba, one of Cameroon’s leading Fintech company boasting strong growth throughout Africa, decided to expand its fast moving SME financing platform delivered via mobile phone to faith based investors and businesses. By working with us they created a single regional Sharia compliant financing model based on best technological practices. Our interactive Sharia consultative platform was ideal for their needs, complete with a whole suite of Sharia engineering experts to support the company’s innovative digital environment. Together, working with the Sharia scholars we reviewed and certified the platform’s functions and how goods should be owned and shared in the digital application. To date we continue to supervise the company’s activities and its broader services spanning from digitally development environments to scalable goods for financing in light of Sharia. Additionally, the company’s ability to cost effectively use Islamic Murabaha facility to serve the informal sector in Africa helped it get recognition and win the Best Fintech Award in Africa. LEARN MORE >