Financial Companies

Islamic Financial and Investment enterprises are meant to build transformative models that not only comply with Sharia principles of investments but are also a continuous source of revenue, profit and growth. With markets becoming more and more saturated cost pressures, investor demands and regulatory hurdles are putting the players under ever-increasing pressure.  




How We Help Clients

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we serve 26% of the Investment Companies licensed by the CMA and 25% of the Financing Institutions regulated by SAMA. This experience allows us to draw on years of financial market knowledge and a wealth of scholarly resources spread across 16 countries allowing us to help certify innovative Sharia compliant products and services, control costs on Sharia Supervisory Board, align product structuring and certifications and capture Islamic financial opportunities in different landscapes. Our services assist in areas, such as;

  • Reducing costs of Sharia Supervisory Boards: We have worked with financial and investment companies helping them reduce costs on the administration and management of Sharia Supervisory Board functions. Our dynamic approach to managing this service helps strengthen the Sharia supervisory and certification focus in all your operations and product development approach.
  • Integrating better and faster Sharia Reviewer Services: To ensure higher efficiency that generates results we have redesigned the internal Sharia reviewer experience. We’ve carefully considered all product developmental points within your organization along with Sharia structuring rings that can help ensure your customers financial and investment needs are met within the compliance of Sharia. Our approach establishes clarity about Sharia guidelines, and helps you make faster, better and improved Sharia compliant decisions.
  • Sourcing Internal Sharia Audit: We verify financial services and investment strategies in light of pronouncements so as to source Sharia objectives and ensure that Sharia principles are aligned with business growth. With value-enhancing procedures our internal Sharia Audit approach focuses on reporting elements which help your organizations  in continuously improving business activities within Sharia compliance schedules.

Featured Clients

RUSD Investment Bank | Malaysia

Serving Since: 2014 to date

 This cross sector bank uses innovation as the foundation for their international growth across investment, financing and reinsurance brands. RUSD Investment Bank offers a new facet of Islamic financial services, in asset management products, private placements, financial advisory services and Islamic Trusts with features similar to the concept of Islamic Waqf, allowing investors greater control in managing, investing and allocating their assets. We work with RUSD Bank to optimize Shari’a review and certification for Portfolio, Wealth Management & Estate Planning. Through our Sharia reviews and Sharia Audit’s we monitor all their Islamic investment banking activities and financial product suites encompassing all aspects of investment transformation. LEARN MORE >


Anfaal Capital | Saudi Arabia

Serving Since: 2014 to date

 Middle East based Investment banking icon Anfaal Capital chose us as their Shari’a Advisory platform to oversee their origination, sourcing and distribution capabilities including Private Equity, Real Estate Funds, and corporate financial activities in light of Sharia. We also review, certify and supervise their transactions and value-added outreach to Sovereign Wealth Funds, family offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. We advise on Sharia rulings, principles and best practices in Sharia matters to support  Anfaal’s Islamic financial experience. Our Sharia Audit supplements Sharia control throughout the organization aligning the challenges, targets and goals of the future. LEARN MORE >


Ibdar Bank| Bahrain 

Serving Since: 2012 to date

The high-end wholesale Islamic banking tapped us when it was still called Elaf Bank. Established in 2014, Ibdar is a spin-off created from a merger of three prominent institutions namely Capivest, Capital Management House and Elaf Bank. Engaged in real estate, private equity, capital markets and investment advisory activities the bank’s geographical reach spans the GCC and MENA region. Our Sharia Audit services has helped them focus on engineering a specialized environment for creative Islamic financial products, without affecting the bank’s direct center of Sharia compliance and supervision. Studying the bank’s Sharia Board’s directives we developed new knowledge, clear Sharia compliance rules and guidelines to review fatwa administration while ensuring that the bank continues to capture appropriate value of its Islamic financial products with sufficient flexibility to continue innovating under the guidance and precision of their Sharia Board’s financial rulings. LEARN MORE >


International Investment Bank | Bahrain

Serving Since: 2013 to date 

As a forward thinking Islamic wholesale investment bank, IIB needs to maintain a powerful Sharia compliance assurance to its stakeholders in order to maintain its lauded status. While utilizing a number of internal Sharia compliance programs, IIB has found that our Sharia Audit service assurance and reliability has made it a vital component of the bank’s Sharia governance efforts. Hosting private equity and real-estate deals internationally, the bank’s co-investors and shareholders rest easy with the assurance that their critical Sharia compliance is being maintained and administered. Over the years we have encouraged new key approaches based on our Sharia Audit findings. We helped the bank augment its Sharia compliance infrastructure and set priorities to advance their most important Sharia control segments. To achieve full value from the Islamic financial investments we refined the bank’s internal procedures and processes, and helped formulate recommendations based on the Shari’a Boards guidance. LEARN MORE >


BMW Financial Services (DIFC) | Dubai

Serving Since: 2014 to date 

BMW Financial is currently the GCC’s largest automotive financing that is in compliance with Islamic principles. With our international network of scholars, fast certification services and secure Sharia assurance features, a union between BMW Financial Services and Shariyah Review Bureau makes perfect sense. Our services play an important role in the Sharia compliance process, verifying the company’s products in light of advanced Sharia precepts, highly connected and consistently backed up task-force to reply to new financing structures and related queries. We also helped develop a scalable Sharia audit approach with significant potential to maintain internal control of the Sharia Board’s approvals, including guidance on financial optimization, re-financing strategies, non-permissible income disposition and exit-sale strategies. LEARN MORE >

SK Leasing | Kazakhstan

Serving Since: 2016 to date 

SK Leasing is a brand of the Kazakhstan’s leasing industry that offers upscale facilities to its customers. Noted for its wide network and unique features, SK Leasing is one of the most sought out companies in the equipment leasing lines for those seeking value-based experience. The company came to us for our reputation as a global Sharia Advisory brand. Our services allow them guaranteed uptime for review and certification timeframe. Meanwhile, our unlimited technical consultation and Sharia assurance opportunities allowed the company to find exactly what it needed to secure its Islamic financial order process and maintain its growth. With our support, the company built the right Sharia compliance capabilities and improved their Islamic leasing (Ijara) execution program. Our work has continued to improve their leasing management system and policies, opening new opportunities and venues for both the company and faith based shareholders. LEARN MORE >


Gulf Finance | Saudi Arabia

Serving Since: 2016 to date 

The famous leasing company of the Kingdom was looking for a reliable Sharia Advisory partner to support their expanding platform. The company’s leadership turned to us to help ensure that their Sharia supervisory infrastructure were robust and agile enough to support their continued growth. We were able to develop a Sharia compliance program based on the company’s particular needs of scholarly availability and creative financial structuring for its customer base. We have also helped review and certify their highest-value Islamic leasing levers for commercial entities operating in the manufacturing, trading, contracting, services, and logistics sectors. We remain of critical support as the company’s flexes its large scale expansion strategies for SME’s which required definite solutions in light of Sharia. Our in-house team of Sharia experts, fantastic scholarly support, and Sharia Audit assurances is a perfect match for Gulf Finance’s needs. LEARN MORE >