Corporate Banking

The Islamic corporate banking entails dealing with varying entities ranging from small, midmarket, and large economic segments. Naturally, operating costs, regulatory mandates, digital disruption continue to be a huge concern. To add to that the heated pressure of Sharia compliance. It is here we help commercial lenders  profoundly augment their performance by outsourcing the Sharia Advisory transformation and all external Sharia Audit levers.  


How We Help Clients

Our work with leading Islamic corporate banks has helped us develop deep expertise in Sharia compliant corporate services. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our clients to help them solve complex Sharia banking problems and reshape their operating models, by using the following services:

  • Setting-up and managing Sharia Supervisory Board – An effective board of Sharia scholars has a better understanding of how Sharia compliance can create value for corporate banks and their customers. They also examine market trends and product uncertainties and offer guidance in terms of Islamic principles and how they can create investment value for the bank.
  • Designing Corporate Products – We help review the most important commercial capabilities and help improve the design with hybrid models of Sharia modalities and classic levers of traditional corporate banking.
  • External Sharia Compliance Audit We understand the Sharia compliance control environment and can help test Islamic corporate banking processes tailored to the risks facing the employed Sharia modalities, the investment structure and the business environment.     

Featured Clients

Commercial Bank Al Islami | UAE

Serving Since: 2015 to date

CBI Al Islami aims to be a market leader in the corporate-banking Industry. It provides innovative multi class, integrated banking solutions complying with Shari’a guidelines. We’ve helped them  design end-state Islamic financial products and set-up their Shari’a Supervisory Board along with its reporting structure. Our Sharia Audit helps CBI capture synergies and minimize Sharia compliance cost.  We continue to monitor their day to day activities and engage with executive and business leadership to help sustain an integrated Shari’a compliance practice, while framing and analyzing new products and options in light of Sharia guidelines. LEARN MORE >


Zaman Bank | Kazakhstan

Serving Since: 2016 to date

Kazakhstan’s leading bank utilizes the Islamic financial solution to deliver world–class corporate banking experiences. We worked with Zaman Bank to help launch and implement Shari’a compliant corporate programs within an ambitious timeline of 7 months. We also established their Saria Committee to meet Kazakhstani regulation and continue to oversee and transform conventional products into Islamic programs, migrating financial structures towards a new set of Sharia compliant procedures, and communicating the Sharia Audit framework. LEARN MORE >