Our Consultants



EXPERTISE: Sharia Audit training, Sharia review manuals, Sharia Audit Planning and fieldwork programs.

Dr. Mostafa’s expertise lies in training professionals in the field of Islamic financial industry. He was the head of Shari’a audit department at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Egypt until 2017. He has more than 32 years of Islamic banking experience and has implemented hundreds of training programs on Islamic banking and investment products, and Shari’a auditing, for professionals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan and Libya.

He completed his Bachelors from Zagazig University with a graduate diploma in Financial Management from Cairo University in 1989 and completed his Masters in Islamic Economics in 2005.  He was an Economist researcher at the Center of Islamic Economy (affiliated to the International Islamic Bank for Investment and Development in Cairo). He has also served as a Financial Analyst in Planning and Development Sector of Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia.



EXPERTISE: Islamic Product Structuring, Sharia Governance and Sharia Audit

A postgraduate in finance & audit from reputed institute /  university in Mumbai , India.  Mansoor has vast experience in areas of Finance, Strategic Planning, Audit & Compliance which comes from internationally reputed & esteemed organizations like Deloitte & HSBC group (namely SABB, its subsidiary). He has worked with Deloiite, India for 8 years in Audit & equal number of years with SABB (HSBC group, KSA) in various roles covering areas of Finance operations, reporting and management information & strategic planning.

Mansoor joined Islamic banking in 2004 with SABB Amanah ( major contributor to HSBC global Amanah) right from its inception for almost a decade in various roles of Islamic finance, strategic planning, product development and management which includes a robust IT system development within HSBC to cater to the product suite in Islamic business across all business lines. Was intensely involved in also branch conversion process from conventional to Islamic. He has been closely working with Shariah scholars in KSA for the product structure and subsequent approvals.

Mansoor has expertise in Islamic finance in Retail and Corporate businesses and has helped developing various important  competitive product variants for KSA markets while working with esteemed banks like SABB & Banque Saudi Fransi (Credit Agricole group), KSA. While at Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) for 5 years until recent, Mansoor has been actively involved in turning around the bank from conventional to Islamic banking with a 100% conversion to Islamic Retail finance products & 50% exposure for Corporate in Islamic finance.

Overall, his wealth of experience in diversed areas definitely contributes to Islamic finance industry.



EXPERTISE: Business Development, Strategy, Training/Workshops on Human Capital Development, Marketing

Nyra is the Managing Director of Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC), a global platform dedicated to nurturing talent, knowledge and innovation across the growing $2tr Islamic finance industry.

A leading voice in Islamic finance human capital and how best to create opportunities which engage Millennials, technology and nurture female talent, especially across OIC countries, Nyra is a passionate advocate of diversity, social impact and using Islamic finance and Islamic fintech as a tool to address global development. As the lead at SSHC she has worked with Islamic banks and institutions including Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Deloitte and EY and across Islamic hubs in Malaysia, Middle East, Maldives and Europe.

Nyra maintained a successful career as a journalist and is the co-founder of Eudaimonia Communications, a marketing and communications firm. She sits on the Advisory Board of Epiphany Pakistan, an impact-driven social enterprise and is an Emissary with Responsible Finance Investment Foundation (RFI), a think tank supporting equitable and sustainable economic development. Nyra is also a member of the UK Islamic Fintech Panel, seeking to explore, build and promote Islamic fintech.