Full Testimonials

Full Testimonial

Stellar is a multi-currency payment backend that tens of thousands of people use every day. It’s decentralized, open-source, and developer-friendly, so anyone can issue assets, settle payments, and trade. Stellar is a  blockchain, but it works more like cash—Stellar is much faster and cheaper than bitcoin, for example. And it uses far less electricity.




Lisa C. Nestor, Director of Partnerships,
Stellar Development Foundation

Our experience working with the Shariyah Review Bureau was excellent. They were clear in outlining their process, diligent in their review and it was an absolute pleasure working with their team. The certification process itself was quick and highly customized. The SRB team did a great job independently reviewing our public documentation and open-source code. And once the certification was complete, they were great partners in executing a press and marketing strategy so we could get this news in front of managers and executives who would care, at financial institutions around the globe.

What impressed me about Shariyah Review Bureau was their ability to deeply understand the novelties of Stellar’s blockchain ledger, things like our consensus and asset issue design, and then apply Sharia principles to this totally new technology. I think that’s a rare skill in the market and takes exceptional talent.

I would recommend SRB to any technology company that wants to offer products and services to the Islamic Finance industry, or any financial institution that’s looking for guidance in understanding how blockchain technology, including specific ledgers and asset classes, operates within the principles of Islamic law.

Full Testimonial

We are a leading African investment manager with over R636 billion in assets under management.




Muhsin Jeena, Head of Regional Business – MENA & SEA, Old Mutual Investment Group (Pty) Ltd 

“I sincerely believe SRB has shifted the dial in the Shari’ah Advisory / Shari’ah Compliance space globally. The manner in which SRB has managed to institutionalise an extremely challenging environment with many diverse opinions – is truly commendable.”

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AGC Equity Partners is a global alternative asset investment firm, operating from offices in London and the Middle East.




Ruggiero Lomonaco, Executuiev Director, AGC Equity Partners, Dubai 

“We are very impressed about the quality of your service and the fast turnaround we always receive. As we explore new asset classes to make Shariah compliant investments, we really value the direct access to Shariah scholars and the guidance they give us in complex situations. We would certainly highly recommend your services to other firm seeking advice in the delicate field of Shariah-compliant investments.”

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Falah Capital is introducing the next generation of index and rules-based fund products for institutional and individual investors. For the first time, faith-based Investors in the United States and world-wide will be able to track U.S. equity index returns screened for Islamic investment principles.




Thomas Polson, CEO and Co-Founder,
Falah Capital, USA

“SRB has a large number of clients.  Even with that the speed at which responses to questions and rests are done in a very timely manner.  The one time I was in Bahrain in 2012, I came by the office without much warning and welcomed to sit and discuss at leisure.

The flexibility has to be the key standout.  Multiple working languages, skills in all areas of IF, and friendly stance. Without it, the service offering would be limited.  By having a wide reach, scholars in multiple locations, products and services can easily be market focused in their design. 

In a growing industry like our, it is always good to work with trusted people.”

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Equitable Financial Solutions (or EFSOL) was established in May 2011 as a proprietary limited company.Our vision is to make Shariah-compliant financial solutions a long-term and viable reality for all Australians.






 Usman Siddiqui, Managing Director, EFSOL, Australia  

“The response and certification process was swift and seamless. Availability for meetings was timely.

I recall that answers were provided within days (not weeks). This gave us the sense that we are the main client (even though im sure we are there smallest client). It was a good feeling to feel so important and significant.”  

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Wasatah Capital provides customized portfolio management services and asset allocation advisory services to semi-government institutions, insurance companies, family offices and high net worth individuals.





Tamer Karam, Senior Associate,
Wasatah capital, Saudi Arabia

“The speed of review exceeded our expectations, it was impressively quick and thorough. 

In my opinion and my experience to date with SRB, I believe SRB is unique in being a one-stop shop for all our Shari’ah needs, whether audit or review.  In addition, the ease of coordinating with SRB’s review department and then having the review department coordinate with the scholars  (if required) is something we value, as from my experience, dealing directly with Shari’ah scholars (who are typically very busy) can be time consuming.  In conclusion, I would most definitely recommend SRB’s services to others.”  

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OP Investment Management Ltd (“OPIM”) is a leading asset management company based in Hong Kong, and a member of the Oriental Patron Financial Group.






Michael Stockford, CEO, Hong Kong  

“I’ve always been terribly skeptical of third party advisors particularly their promises on unachievable deadlines. And to make things worse in our case we were in completely different time zones being headquartered in Hong Kong and relentlessly working to structure a Shari’a compliant real estate fund in Australia. But the team at Shariyah Review Bureau has this phenomenal momentum. I mean their availability was simply amazing and their commitment to a speedy approval (Fatwa) astounded me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shariyah Review Bureau as the Shari’a Advisor to other investment companies, in fact I do not make personal recommendations lightly, which is perhaps the highest compliment I can pay them.”

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Safa Investment Services is the world’s first independent Islamic wealth and asset management brand. 




John Sandwick, Founder and CEO, 
Safa Investment Services, Switzerland

“There does not seem to be any sharia advisory firm with the same mix of practical finance knowledge, market knowledge and application of various schools of thought in sharia to financial market activities.  Only SRB seems to have created that right blend of services, knowledge and in fact enthusiasm and commitment.”

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At AGInvest Properties, we invest in Ontario farmland. Through the acquisition, upgrading to its ‘best and optimum use’, and leasing of property, we offer investors the ability to benefit from overall land appreciation, property-specific upward revaluation, and lease income.




Robbie Duncan, VIce President, Public Relations UAE,
AG Invest Properties, Canada 

“As a Corporation moving into the international market it has been a breath of fresh air to be able to work with the Shariyah Review Bureau.  Their commitment, dedication, and expertise has been beyond measurable to our company.  Not only are they quick to respond to inquiries they welcome you and speak to you as if a member of their family. SRB’s efforts are endless.” 

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Based in Dubai, Beehive is the UAE’s first online marketplace for peer-to-peer finance.




Paul Boots, Chief Operating Officer 
Beehive Group DMCC, UAE

“Beehive’s experience with Shariyah Review Bureau has been excellent from the start. They were able to quickly understand our business model and what it would take to help us achieve our goals, and they were available whenever we needed them for guidance and support. Their team has been instrumental in finding solutions for our innovative platform that have enabled us to offer our customers the piece of mind that our structures, processes and documentation are in accordance with Sharia principles. We would highly recommend them.”

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