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New Zealand based EFCO Limited collaborates with Shariyah Review Bureau for Islamic Financing products

New Zealand based EFCO Limited collaborates with Shariyah Review Bureau for Islamic Financing products

New Zealand based financial services company EFCO Ltd, today announces receiving Sharia certification as a mark of compliance from Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) – a Bahrain based Shariah advisory firm licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The engagement comes as EFCO integrate Shari’a compliance to its set of assets & debt-based products. The arrangement will allow EFCO to rely on SRB to oversee and supervise its asset financing and personal loans in a Sharia compliant manner. To date there is no enterprise in New Zealand that provides dedicated Sharia compliant finance offerings even though the Muslim population is estimated over 62,000.

In response to the announcement of assigning SRB as the Shari’a advisor, EFCO’s Managing Director, Mahmood Raza says “With an international clientele from multiple industries SRB is a global name for Sharia advisory. We wanted to work directly with a reputable firm who understands local challenges and is able to propose pragmatic Sharia compliant solutions for our customers.” EFCO has been gradually arising to the expectations of the local demand and has set forth ambitious milestones of offering diverse Islamic financial products that are also guided by ethical precepts. “This is the right time to invest our leadership in catering to our customers growing faith based needs,” Mr. Mahmood adds ”EFCO will continue to focus and build this area and deliver the best possible Sharia compliant offerings; one that resonates with the need of the local customer.”

Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of SRB comments, “This engagement marks our first Sharia advisory engagement in New Zealand. We look forward to helping them in developing more products to cater to the faith driven and ethical focused consumer demands”.

About EFCO:

EFCO Ltd is a New Zealand based financial services company offering life changing loans to different niche markets including Muslims, migrants, students, start-up businesses and SMEs. Customers can take advantage of deferred payments, free of confusing and complicated payment plans, with the added assurance of Sharia compliance. This is not limited to ethnic, cultural or social groups, but is available to all people; a financing solution that is non-interest based. To learn more visit http://efco.co.nz/.

ADGM based Shukr Investments partners with Shariyah Review Bureau to supervise its Global Equity Fund.

ADGM based Shukr Investments partners with Shariyah Review Bureau to supervise its Global Equity Fund.

Shukr Investments—an ADGM based investment manager who has received an In Principle Approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority—today announced that it has signed with Shariyah Review Bureau to setup its Sharia Supervisory Board and supervise its global public equity fund activities.

Founded in 2013, Shukr Investments has a presence in Abu Dhabi and the United States. Shukr Investments’ mission is to achieve annualized returns of at least 10% for its clients while donating 50% of performance fees earned to charitable causes.

“We believe that wealth is not diminished by charity and that if one shows gratitude to God for a blessing, God will increase that blessing,” said Omar Bassal, Director of Shukr Investments. “That’s why at Shukr Investments, we believe our success lies in being grateful and giving back to society. While we are the only firm we know of that donates half of our performance fees to charity, we hope this principle becomes an industry standard.”

Based on data compiled from Bloomberg, the Shukr Global Equity Fund’s performance over the last 3-months, year-to-date, 1-year, 3-years and 5-years all rank in the top 1% of all offshore public equity funds as of September 30, 2020 (Bloomberg symbol: SHUKGEP KY).

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Omar said “We are excited to be working with Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) to supervise our ethical framework, ensuring our process, investments and charity distributions align with Sharia principles.”

For over fifteen years, Shariyah Review Bureau has been delivering its Sharia supervisory services to hundreds of financial institutions in the region. “Shukr Investments integration of Sharia-based investing with ESG principles appealed to us,” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau. “We also appreciate Shukr’s support of the local community through charitable giving.”

“We are delighted to welcome Shukr Investments to our clientele base” added Yasser. “Their commitment to using our Sharia Board and Sharia audit solutions clearly demonstrates how institutionalized Sharia advisory services are moving into mainstream investments.”

Shukr Investments is incorporated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) and has received from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“FSRA”) an In Principle Approval (IPA) to become a regulated Islamic Financial Institution, which will operate under a Category 3C license, once all IPA conditions have been met.

Al Sagr Insurance assigns Shariyah Review Bureau to drive growth with Sharia compliance

Al Sagr Insurance assigns Shariyah Review Bureau to drive growth with Sharia compliance

With a 38 years track record in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, Al Sagr’s ambitious goal continues to cater to customers in the Kingdom and beyond. As one of the leading insurance player in the industry, Al Sagr is committed to applying faith based values so as to cater to its customers’ needs.

Commenting on the development, Sarran AbuSaq, CEO at Al Sagr, said: “We are writing the next chapter of our insurance business. The intended transformation with Sharia compliance is to make Al Sagr an enterprise-wide agile company rather being a traditional risk taker. This includes creating new options to Islamic insurers, clients and businesses whilst being complementary to our existing customers.”  Sarran added, “our mandate continues to be to provide attractive and diverse insurance opportunities for our clients which also meet the broader needs of Al Sagr’s long term growth and development.”

Commenting on the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau, Sarran explained, “Assigning an experienced Sharia advisory firm like them is a significant commitment from our end. With their regional footprint and cooperative insurance track record in the Kingdom, we believe that our sophisticated and tailored insurance offerings and high customer service level approach will be immensely valuable to corporate clients, providing and giving them the backing and certainty of Sharia compliance that they need in today’s challenging market conditions.”

As part of its work, Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) will set-up the Sharia Committee, review all insurance products and related documents and enable the transformation by studying key business functions including re-insurance, claims and investments in light of Sharia principles. It will now manage the ongoing Sharia compliance of Al Sagr through periodical Sharia audits and supervisory reviews. Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of SRB, said, “what makes SRB unique is our ability to facilitate Sharia supervisory actions like product assessment, screening, Sharia Board administration and independent Sharia audits on a single platform. This approach helps improve the Sharia compliance process and enables our clients to reduce cost, improve transparency in reviews and certification and enhance the experience for Shari audit and reporting.”

“Relieving Al Sagr’s workforce of Sharia supervisory related administrative tasks will help them grow, develop and compete more effectively in today’s economy” Yasser added.

Kazakhstan based Mudarabah Capital gets certified by Shariyah Review Bureau

Kazakhstan based Mudarabah Capital gets certified by Shariyah Review Bureau

First of its kind program will help Mudarabah Capital lead the role  in local investment opportunities.

Kazakhstan based Mudarabah Capital today announced the engagement of Shariyah Review Bureau to certify and supervise its investment opportunities.  This is the first such Sharia compliant offering by Mudarabah Capital and one of the first in the country.

“We are excited to offer our investment in a Sharia compliant manner and present access to what the government  tenders framework provides. In particular, the Islamic offering enables us to translate our historic record of investment into an even more favorable opportunity given the investment will be transacted using the Islamic Mudaraba modality,” said General Director, Ruslan Burkanov, at Mudarabah Capital.

“We expect our Sharia compliant program to stimulate further direct investment into our offering by Islamic investors by presenting a pathway of access to a powerful opportunity which complies with Sharia principles for a more diverse array of investors, including small, large family-offices and businesses”,Ruslan added.

Investing and bidding transaction on behalf of nearly 6 mln. USD entities to date, Mudarabah Capital’s latest initiative will provide Kazakhstani investors the opportunity to directly invest in government tenders for the first time in a Sharia compliant manner. “Investors are looking for innovative platforms and Sharia compliant opportunities,” said Timur Rustemov, Chief Executive Officer at Mudarabah Capital. “Our company is addressing this dynamic landscape and provides access to the benefits of government tender with value creation for the first time.” “By having an organization with the knowledge and experience and the ability to help us attain and comply with Sharia principles, we are certain that our investors will get the Sharia assurance they seek,” stated Timur.

Advising and supervising on the establishment and operation of Mudarabah Capital’s offering is Shariyah Review Bureau one of the leading Sharia advisory firm with an international panel of 31 scholars from 16 countries. In recent years, local growth in Kazakhstan seems to be booming for Sharia compliant offerings as Shariyah Review Bureau has seen more and more companies approaching them to evaluate products and transactions. “With an extensive track record of serving clients around the world, and having been successfully engaged by banks and financing companies within Kazakhstan since 2015, we are now seeking to move forward and help more institutions transform their products and investments in light of Sharia principles and fill the demand in the investment market,”  said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO at Shariyah Review Bureau.

“Our firm is looking forward to now auditing and supervising Mudarabah Capital’s investment program.” “By leveraging our scholarly resources and experience in financial transactions, we think that more Islamic investment offerings will help bring growth and innovation to the industry here in Kazakhstan,” Yasser added.

Tezos Blockchain receives Shariah Certification

Tezos Blockchain receives Shariah Certification

Tezos Gulf was established to foster ecosystem development in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the Tezos network, an open-source public blockchain for assets and applications. In accordance with that mission, Tezos Gulf has announced the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) as its Sharia Advisor. Shariyah Review Bureau has reviewed the Tezos blockchain’s governance mechanism, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, and formal verification techniques and issued a Sharia certificate marking the platform’s compliance with Sharia principles.

Tezos’ platform is backed by a global community of validators, researchers and builders. It is considered one of the first pure proof-of-stake blockchains. The Tezos blockchain has been utilized by numerous issuers of digital securities but mostly on the conventional side of the financial market. “The engagement marks Tezos first step in promoting our open-source protocol to Islamic financial institutions in the GCC and South-Asia pacific region,” said Waleed Rassuli, Head of Tezos Gulf. “We see potential for Islamic financial institutions seeking to explore blockchain-based options for digital securities issuers and who also wish to issue securities on a platform that is compatible with the Sharia compliance ecosystem. We hope our blockchain will foster a vibrant version of the digital asset-class which will move the Islamic industry forward.

The Sharia certification was conducted by Shariyah Review Bureau, a global leader in providing product Sharia certification, investment advice in light of Sharia standards and Sharia audit services. As a trusted partner, Shariyah Review Bureau is recognized by major national and international financial institutions which it has been serving for over 15 years.

We are very proud to receive the Sharia Certificate which proves our functioning features and governance mechanism is in alignment with Sharia standards,” added Waleed. “This certification provides our partners and clients additional confidence in the Tezos blockchain’s technology.  We will continue to partner with SRB as we build, develop and grow in the rapidly expanding markets of the Islamic industry.”

Shariyah Review Bureau provides end-to-end Sharia advisory solutions to banks, insurance firms and asset managers around the world. Over the last few years it has been actively advising and certifying entities and their offerings in the blockchain and fintech sector. SRB’s services are centrally-deployed, and offer Sharia supervision, functionality and quick turnaround in product certification. This has become an attractive option for fintech establishments. In addition to reducing Sharia scholarly overheads, this approach helps clients centralize their firm’s Sharia certification and Sharia audit administrative and operational tasks.

Having served the banking and asset management sector in parallel to fintech firms we see an exciting time for the Islamic industry as blockchain technology infiltrates various aspects of the asset and security business.” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau.

Yasser also said, “Leading businesses and more established Islamic banking institutions are exploring new opportunities that can help spur continuous innovation and help them stay ahead of the game. This will also help build a robust blockchain based ecosystem” Commenting on Tezos he added “Tezos secured Sharia compliancy upon a detailed review of its underlying documents related to its consensus mechanism which encompasses transaction validation and rewarding of Tokens. Going forwards, their technology has the potential to serve as a significant catalyst for growth and innovation in Islamic Finance sector.”

About Tezos – Tezos is a decentralized, public blockchain that evolves by upgrading itself. Stakeholders of the Tezos network vote on amendments to the protocol to reach social consensus on proposals, creating a secure and organic upgrading mechanism. The protocol’s on-chain governance system, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and ability to facilitate formal verification of smart contracts, make Tezos an ideal long-term solution for high-value financial applications such as digital securities. Tezos is fully decentralized and it is the role of the Tezos Foundation, a Swiss non-profit to support the development and long-term success of the protocol and ecosystem. For more information, visit: tezos.com.

About Tezos Gulf – Tezos Gulf is a subsidiary of the Swiss-based Tezos Foundation that was established to foster the development of the Tezos ecosystem in the GCC region.

Sands Capital to Offer Sharia Compliant Equity Portfolios

Sands Capital to Offer Sharia Compliant Equity Portfolios

Sands Capital Management today announced the launch of a global growth equity strategy that enables institutional investors to allocate capital to a concentrated portfolio of leading growth businesses that comply with Sharia principles. The strategy is offered through segregated accounts that can be customized to a client’s needs.

A U.S. based investment management firm focused exclusively on growth investing, Sands Capital’s approach features deep, fundamental, business-focused research. Based on this research, the firm identifies businesses expected to grow into exponentially larger enterprises, capable of translating superior earnings growth into shareowner value over five years or more. The firm’s strategies concentrate investments in these businesses through high-conviction portfolios that differ greatly from the indexes. With a nearly 30-year track record, the firm has been gaining new mandates and increased allocations from investors across the Middle East.

“Sands Capital exists to add value and enhance the wealth of our clients with prudence over time. As a mission-driven, client-centered, global investment manager, we believe we are especially well suited to provide growth capital solutions that help Islamic investors achieve their financial goals,” said Stephen Nimmo, Executive Managing Director at Sands Capital.

With the aim to deliver faith-driven, value-added investment results for Islamic clients, Sands Capital has partnered with Shariyah Review Bureau. This engagement will accelerate the administration of the portfolio’s Sharia compliance offering.

“Recognizing that Sharia governance and supervisory challenges are growing, timelines for addressing them are contracting, and businesses are moving quickly to adapt Sharia supervisory structures in the GCC, we have decided to engage them to help us conform to Sharia principles and rules” said Mr. Nimmo. “Joining forces with Shariyah Review Bureau, which has a strong presence and reputation in the region, as well as the largest scholarly network in the industry, directly supports our strategy and commitment to create a truly Sharia compliant offering.”

Leveraging the expertise of Sharia advisory firms, such as Shariyah Review Bureau, as a catalyst for Sharia compliance value preservation has become a critical part of Islamic equity investing. Shariyah Review Bureau helps address a set of fundamental challenges including the assignment of Sharia Boards, the competitive advantage of in-house consultants, Sharia audit capabilities and the scalability of equities screening to support growth. “Equity investments management can gain access to significant expertise through our Sharia supervisory engagements” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau. “Our approach allows us to respond in a unique way to a growing need from many equity funds and portfolios: a deeply integrated scholarly network and strong controls over certification and technical expertise in Sharia assurance,” said Yasser.

Commenting on the new assignment Yasser added “we are delighted to supervise this engagement for Sands Capital and look forward to collaborating with them on this new investment strategy.”

About Sands Capital

Sands Capital is an active, long-term investor in leading innovative businesses globally. Our approach combines rigorous fundamental analysis with creative thinking to identify high-quality growth businesses that are creating the future. Through strategies designed to concentrate investment in such businesses, we serve the long-term growth objectives of institutions and fund sponsors in more than 40 countries. An independent, staff-owned firm based in the Greater Washington, DC area, Sands Capital managed more than USD $55 billion  in client assets as of July 31, 2020. www.sandscapital.com

The views expressed are the opinion of Sands Capital Management and are not intended as a forecast, a guarantee of future results, investment recommendations, or an offer to buy or sell any securities.

Saudi Re receives Sharia certification from Shariyah Review Bureau

Saudi Re receives Sharia certification from Shariyah Review Bureau

Saudi Reinsurance Company “Saudi Re”, the sole reinsurance company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced receiving the Sharia certificate for its offerings from Shariyah Review Bureau “SRB”.

With a solid financial base of total assets SAR 2.9 billion and an A3 rating by Moody’s, Saudi Re’s is eyeing opportunities to strengthen its presence in its target markets in the Kingdom, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Lloyd’s. As one of the largest re-insurance players in the industry, Saudi Re is committed to ensure socially responsible growth.

Fahad Al-Hesni, Managing Director and CEO, Saudi Re, commented: “We are progressing well in our international diversification strategy, and the Sharia certificate provides additional reassurance to an important segment of our clients. Demonstrating our Sharia compliance will complement our value proposition to our clients especially in the Takaful and Cooperative reinsurance market.”

Al-Hesni, added that Saudi Re has identified Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives from investors perspective, among which Sharia compliance was emphasized as a key factor in reflecting the responsible conduct.

Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of SRB, said, “Cooperative insurance and reinsurance companies that deal with significant, complex risk-based transactions are actively embracing our Sharia advisory services. By helping Saudi Re attain Sharia compliance by reviewing its processes, we’re supporting them to gather meaningful insights by staying focused on their business-critical functions while we cater to all their Sharia compliance needs.”

SRB apply various Sharia supervisory actions like reviews, investment screening, interactive consultations, Sharia Board administration and periodic Sharia audits.

Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) is a leading Sharia Advisor with scholarly presence in more than 12 countries from US, Europe, Africa, GCC and Asia. The scope of the engagement includes reviewing the reinsurance, claims, financial and investment transactions of the company and ensuring compliance with Sharia standards as set by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Flexxpay Secures Sharia Certification

Flexxpay Secures Sharia Certification

FlexxPay, a cloud-based technology solution enabling employees to access their ‘earned income’ whenever needed, receives a Sharia Compliance certification for its platform from Shariyah Review Bureau. The platform has the convenience to be accessed through a mobile app, or web.

Employers benefit from no integration hassle and no changes to the payroll cycle or any risk of impacting the company’s cash-flow cycle. For employees, the benefits include the ability to access a portion of their earned salary and commission instantly, whenever required. There are no credit checks necessary with automatic eligibility for all employees once the employer is enrolled; no interest charge, only a nominal transaction fee. Employees with commission-based salaries also stand to benefit instead of traditionally waiting several months to collect.

Speaking on the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau, Michael Truschler, CEO of FlexxPay stated: “We wanted to add value to our Clients and their employees for using FlexxPay. And since Shariah Review Bureau is a reputable name in the region for providing Sharia compliance assurance, we decided to engage and benefit from their diverse experience with Fintech platforms.”

Shariyah Review Bureau provides Sharia advisory and Sharia audit services to businesses worldwide. Their services add valuable expertise and help banking and non-banking institutions including fintech firms efficiently formulate products in light of Sharia compliance that assures the faith requirements of their customers. “From a humble beginning of providing Sharia audit to banks 15 years ago, our firm has come a long way” said Yasser S. Dahlawi Founder and CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau. “Today, tech-based platforms with a diverse set of offering increasingly rely upon our Sharia certification, Sharia Board and Sharia audit services.” “As we continue to expand, across markets, we remain passionate towards serving technological innovators, offer solutions using Sharia principles”

Commenting on the news engagement Yasser added, “We are delighted to have certified a cloud-based platform, which facilitates investment in its client’s most important asset i.e. its employees” “We look forward to supervising and auditing FlexxPay platform in light of Sharia guidelines, as it continues to support and benefit employees in the region”

Wahed Invest strengthens Sharia compliance management with Shariyah Review Bureau

Wahed Invest strengthens Sharia compliance management with Shariyah Review Bureau

Wahed Invest, a global provider of Halal investments, today announced the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau to manage its Sharia compliance affairs from client agreements to investment universe, including Islamic ETFs and virtual advisory terms.  The announcement was made after a series of strategic positioning that Wahed has made to tap Islamic investors globally.

Wahed is seeking to expand geographically from its historical focus on clients in the US and now has offices strategically located in USA, UK, India, Dubai, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.  “We expect the majority of growth to come from the Middle East and Asia – which, in 2019, cumulatively accounted for a significant value of our total growth,” said Owais Gore,Head of Global Operations at Wahed. “We have also made good headway in diversifying services with the addition of Islamic ETFs and fixed income investments (sukuk). With new offices set-up in key financial hubs around the world we are focused on exporting a demonstrated track record that reduces management fees, brokerage requirements, and transactional costs,” he added.

Speaking on the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) Aris Pervaz (Head of Wahed North America & UK) said: “Wahed’s assignment underlines our commitment to delivering the very best outcomes in Sharia compliance for our customers around the world. Through their supervisory reviews and Sharia audits they will further strengthen our Sharia controls, which blends top Sharia compliant indices to facilitate market efficiencies and pricing opportunities.” He added, “SRB’s dedicated team of in-house scholars and Sharia auditors are well positioned to monitor, review and engage our business affairs in UK, US, GCC, Malaysia and beyond.”

Currently, Wahed serves thousands of clients from over 100 countries and with its geographical expansion and service diversification is expected to enhance its market share. “We firmly believe in the transformative potential of robo-advisory technology in the new sectors we are tapping in the Middle Eastern and South East Asian region. Our platform has successfully established its ability to promote inclusion in listed investments by serving more customers, even in regions where many don’t even have a basic bank account, let alone the ability to invest in such opportunities. Our services eliminate the high costs associated with traditional fund-based solutions, outlays that often create a significant market barrier for many people.”

Islamic financial institutions are facing high Sharia Board costs, increased Sharia compliance scrutiny, and advanced expectations in Sharia audit reporting. All these factors are driving new opportunities for Sharia Board efficiency and Sharia audit management. Shariyah Review Bureau provides comprehensive Sharia advisory solutions from setting-up Sharia Boards to providing product consulting to Sharia review implementation and Sharia audit planning. As a pioneer in the Sharia advisory and Sharia audit industry, SRB’s services has a first-mover advantage and has amassed a significant base of technical Sharia expertise and direct experience working on some of the leading profile institutions globally. “We are more than a Sharia advisory company – we’re a partner that helps institutions manage Sharia Board and Sharia audit functions and help build this capacity as they grow and expand to new markets,” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO at Shariyah Review Bureau. “Our appointment by Wahed is intended to become a meaningful resource for Sharia supervision on their global equity exposure over time, with the goal of driving Sharia audit performance and reducing Sharia compliance management costs.” He added, “we are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading robo-advisory investment firm because it shares our vision for making Sharia compliance opportunities transparent and accessible to communities around the world.”

CoinMENA to capture Islamic opportunities in digital assets

CoinMENA to capture Islamic opportunities in digital assets

Bahrain based CoinMENA has announced that it has appointed Shariyah Review Bureau (“SRB”) as an outsourcing facility to manage and supervise the Sharia certification and Sharia audit services for its digital asset platform.

CoinMENA was created to help investors at both the retail and institutional level identify business opportunities for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple that meets the investor’s own standards around long-lasting returns. “Getting certified as Sharia-compliant is another milestone in CoinMENA’s dedication to client excellence and becoming the leading blockchain and digital assets company in the MENA region”, said Dina Sam’an, Co-Founder & COO of CoinMENA.

CoinMENA will provide its clients with an advanced platform that allows them to buy, sell and hold digital assets that are diversified and Sharia-compliant. Dina added, “Seeking the Sharia certification and working with the Shariyah Review Bureau, which has extensive experience working with fintech firms, allows us to increase our focus on the private Islamic investors’ space by offering them a universe of stable Sharia-compliant digital assets with the potential of growth and low volatility.”

Shariyah Review Bureau provides end-to-end Sharia advisory solutions that are centrally-deployed, and offer Sharia supervision, functionality and quick turnaround in product certification. This has become an attractive option for supporting the needs of global Islamic financial establishments and fintech startups. In addition to reducing Sharia scholarly overheads, this approach helps clients of the SRB centralize their firm’s Sharia Board administrative and operational tasks.

Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of SRB, added that “Our experience shows that overall compliance savings resulting from outsourcing Sharia Board and Sharia audit services equate to 33 to 35% compared with the cost of doing the same function in-house. Our services help transform Islamic banking, asset management and fintech sectors, and business life.” Speaking on CoinMENA he added, “We see a whole new league of opportunities arising in the world of Islamic fintech and digital trading.”

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