Capital Markets

Vast opportunity exists for Islamic investment banks to realize new paradigms in light of IPO’s, Sukuks, Islamic debt and Sharia compliant equity. By establishing dedicated researches in light of Islamic equities and modern day investment practices we focus on helping clients design novel Islamic financial structures that are core to capital market activities, and can help position your business ahead of the curve. With time being of essence we guarantee Sharia compliant reviews and analysis in a matter of days.


How We Help Clients

We can help you develop the right structure, choose the right Sharia scholars, and help you take the right approach to certification – all in compliance to Sharia. Incumbent players in the capital markets must embrace systemic Sharia compliance in order to stay relevant and generate economic profits. To meet the challenges and opportunities we will help you move swiftly with the following:

  • Invest in Sharia Supervisory Board – Assemble a board of qualified Sharia scholars to lead, develop, certify and manage the sukuk program successfully.
  • Leveraging modern Islamic financial advances – Facilitating the flow of alternative channels in Sharia compliance used by variant Islamic investment banks and implement measures to stay ahead of the Islamic debt and equity curve.
  • Prepare for IPO journey – modifying the main capital activity and investment actions of the company going for an Islamic listing.
  • External Sharia Audit of Sukuks – conduct an independent examination and a review-based evaluation to see the reliability of sukuk’s and their operations performance in relation to laid down Sharia criterions.

Featured Clients

Extra United Electronics Co |KSA

IPO Date – 2011

With +12 million shoppers, Extra United Electronics Co is respected as a beacon in the business community of Saudi Arabia. The firm is recognized and raked as first among retail companies in the list of 100 Saudi Fast Growth companies, having achieved a growth rate of 340 percent during the period 2004-2008, and won first place in the Saudi retail sector category of the Arabian Business Magazine awards for excellence. In preparation for the IPO, we were invited to step-up the company’s business in compliance to Sharia. To help them achieve maximum value we screened their financial strategy and commercial practice in light of Islamic principles. We advised the company on the full range of Sharia risk structures and how to overcome them and helped chart a course to build capabilities needed for success in the Islamic capital markets. LEARN MORE >


Hammadi Hospital |KSA

IPO Date – 2014

As the leading medical facilities provider, Al Hammadi Hospital needed to ensure its availability to a notably vast customer-base in the Kingdom. To ensure an important arm of those services can grow and expand its scale in the region, Hammadi decided to launch an IPO, and approached us to ensure Sharia compliant investors  could participate in the public offering. We screened their financial model connected to their business provisions in which Hammadi organized their investments. By further leveraging  their articles of services and functions for cash management we developed parameters which would ensure that the IPO remains congruent with Shari’a principles. LEARN MORE >


L’azurde |KSA

IPO Date – 2016 

L’azurde is the largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and Africa and the 4th largest jewelry manufacturer worldwide. It has been awarded the prize of “best jewelry brand in Saudi Arabia”. Since the company expanded its products offering, it has rapidly become one of the largest and most well-known signature name worldwide with branches in more than 45 countries across the world. This accelerated growth has extended to the company’s distribution and manufacturing infrastructure and put a premium on retail outlets that can be quickly and easily expanded. To grow projects at the pace they require as opposed to the speed at which their financial books allows, L’azurde decided to expand its shares into the capital market. Our role as Shari’a Advisor’s was to evaluate the end-to-end health check that provides the foundation for Sharia compliance certification. During this process we engaged the gold and jewelry asset holding, distribution revenue model including an assessment of the organization financial performance and cash investment. Ensuring Sharia compliance certification helped attract Islamic institutional liquidity making the IPO 293% oversubscribed. LEARN MORE >