Asset Management

The investing profiles of Islamic asset and wealth managers significantly differs from those of others financial institutions. These managers need to adopt a more client-focused outlook, understanding how to allocate their customers faith based needs, identify Islamic financial asset opportunities, and at the same time define value propositions. They also need to proactively screen global funds and engage Islamic investments for customers. 



How We Help Clients

We can help you tackle these challenges by screening investments for Sharia compliance and execute transformation across your business for structuring products in this dynamic market. Our practice will help you save on Sharia review and certification costs and timelines allowing you to implement new designs and measures in Islamic wealth management service.

  • Creating sustainable Sharia compliance advantageWe draw on our end-to-end Sharia screening capabilities, as well as core strengths in Sharia consultancy to help your firm navigate Islamic financial funds and transactions in the global market.
  • Superior Sharia Board Certifications –  We lead one-on-one and group focused discussions between Sharia board members and your relationship managers to help improve the knowledge and shifting needs of your business and customers in Islamic asset and wealth management segments. We also promise to review and certify your products within 5 working days (if everything is considered compliant).

Featured Clients

Alkhabeer Capital |KSA

Serving Since: 2008 to date

Saudia’s rising asset management and investment banking giant, Alkhabeer Capital, depends on robust Sharia certification and Sharia Supervisory procedures to reach their vast network of businesses, private investors and families. Specifically, the company has made fantastic progress in its portfolio of public and private funds in the areas of real estate, private equity, capital markets, M&A and capital raising advisory services. With an understanding of Alhbaeer’s goals and ambitions we integrated our Sharia Board and Shari’a Audit services in the company’s operating model to ensure that their Islamic funds and services can be accessed with the right momentum and opportunity while experiencing fast Shari’a reviews of their financial products. Additionally, the company has an open ended consultative arrangement with us which assures them that if anything needs to be changed or altered in any way, our fastest guaranteed response times in the Sharia Advisory industry is there to support them – a must for a company like Alkhabeer whose portfolio is rapidly spanning many time zones. LEARN MORE >


SEDCO Capital |KSA

Serving Since: 2014 to date

SEDCO Capital was founded in 1976 and, since its inception, has used many different innovative approaches to perform in its investment strategies including pioneering a world-class Prudent Ethical Approach (PEI) combining the best of Shari’a compliance with ethical investments. As it expanded its multi-asset outreach efforts, SEDCO Capital has explored uses of external Sharia Audit assurance to more effectively deliver comfort to its investors for the income-generating Funds. We have stepped up to assist them in this effort by offering a reliable and independent external Sharia Audit oversight for their growing income portfolio. With our risk-based Shari’a Audit insight and solution orientated strategic resolutions, SEDCO Capital can be certain that its important efforts are well supported, independently supervised, never interrupted with non-permissible provisions and have flexible room to scale-up. LEARN MORE >


Ashmore Investment Saudi Arabia |KSA

Serving Since: 2014 to date

With an array of investment strategies ranging from equity, debt and regional asset capabilities, Ashmore continues to capitalize on its global know-how of Emerging Markets proposition. Its Saudi Investment arm was founded in 2014 and Ashmore started to extend its offerings to Sharia compliant markets.  Once their endeavors grew, scalability in terms of Shari’a Board and Sharia Fund structuring became of the utmost importance. Ashmore’s started looking for the perfect Sharia Advisory firm to handle their promising Islamic asset enterprise. With our support, the company built the right capabilities with simplified processes for Sharia review, certification execution and Sharia Board sign-off. Our work also helped improve Fund structuring management and focused on Sharia Audit assurance, generating Islamic investors’ confidence and trust each year. Over the years we have proven our ability to handle Ashmore’s Islamic financial expansion efforts of all sizes by customizing large-scale equity and IPO Funds with Shari’a screening systems and ensuring that the company’s Islamic investments strategies are certified and executed quickly, smoothly and reliably in line with its rock solid international brand promise. LEARN MORE >


Awwal Capital |KSA

Serving Since: 2010 to date

Jeddah based Al Aawwal Capital, is a Saudi Joint Stock Company for financial and investment business, which has trusted their Sharia compliance function to us, using our interactive Sharia Supervisory Board services to greatly enhance the compliance, reliability and compatibility of their Sharia compliant offerings. In addition, the company has expanded to include other services, such as equity screening, Sharia Audit and product structuring. With our time-saving methodologies and speedy review practice we help the company save both time and resources, working through complex hurdles in reviewing, certifying and supervising their wealth, asset management, financing arrangements and international investment Funds. Over the years we have been able to help converge Sharia compliance practices for the company making it a unified force of internal growth allowing the company to focus on further expanding their business in a Shari’a compliant manner. LEARN MORE >