SHOAIB SHABBIR Business Development & Strategy

Shoaib is a recognized business development researcher on new market trends and strategy. His client work has focused heavily on the global debt market and equity sector. Highlights of Shoaib’s research experience includes IDB’s companywide investments and mapping wealthiest European and Asian managers.

Between earning his Financial and Accounting program at the FTMS College, Malaysia, Shoaib took to the skies of England to obtain a European commercial airline pilot EASA license from Atlantic Flight Training. His passion for flying and deep interest in planes has also made him a thought leader at SRB in key topics such as business aviation, travel markets and plane-logistics services. To live the dream, Shoaib takes to the skies frequently at Airways Aviation.

Working with SRB’s management he is gaining expertise in Islamic instruments of debt and equity designs of Sharia compliant products.


Client Advisory
Relationship Management