Saleh Ahmed Assistant Shari’ah Reviewer

Saleh Ahmed is part of the leadership team for Sharia Review and Consultation practice.

Joining Shariyah Review Bureau in 2016, he has been working with Sharia scholars along all steps of the value-chain involved in the Sharia certification process, with a strong focus on new Islamic product development and structuring topics. Together will the Sharia Advisor he leads large-scale Sharia compliant funds and projects of our clients. Within the financial services industry, Saleh will advise (under the supervision of Shaikh Muhammad Ahmad) clients from Islamic banking, insurance, consumer lending, and takaful sectors.

In his client work, Saleh’s functional expertise centers around review, structuring and product development. Although traditional Consultancy also remains important to him, Saleh spend an increasing share of his time helping clients navigate new design challenges.

Saleh Ahmed is a key member of Shariyah Review Bureau’s team at the Bahrain office.


Client Advisory
Relationship Management