Capturing the Future of Leasing

Starting today, businesses in Kazakhstan will be able to enjoy new leasing experiences that combine traditional Ijara rulings with equitable policies and rich connectivity. Bringing this vision to life has been the central mission of the team at SK Leasing.

Their first major milestone was to overcome conventional complexities, local taxation laws and legal contractual requirements. Their second major focus has been to steer local market opportunities in compliance with Islamic principles. Our Sharia Advisory engagement has been helping them transform into the first Sharia compliant leasing company in Kazakhstan. We expect the platform to become the country’s  leading provider of impactful solutions, enabling more than 3000 local customers and businesses to access affordable, sustainable, and innovative products.

A leasing revolution is underway, where experiences of doing business in a Sharia compliant way is more personal than ever before. We’re excited to be a part of delivering this new and exciting trend.

The future of leasing starts today!