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Next Generation of Sharia Audit Solutions

Banks: Eskan Bank

As a financial institute, you juggle different functions throughout the day—a Sharia reviewer for internal examination, a shared officer for coordination and secretarial work, and an intelligent Sharia Auditor for supervising records. In an inspiring trend, we’ve begun to replace the need for those various functions to be managed internally—what you manage with different departments can now be done at a single platform. Through our services, we try to help these possibilities come to life.

Today our services are used for by financial institutions who collectively manage millions worth of assets under management. One such pioneer is Eskan Bank for whom these are services of choice because of their superfast review, extreme responsiveness and low Sharia Audit cost – and as part of the new generation requirements they are designed to adapt to the many ways Eskan performs, develops and grows in the Kingdom.

We believe in the power of outsourcing to help banks like Eskan focus on their business priorities and do what they do best in the way they find most effective. And we’ll continue to work with financial institutions to help support the important work they do every day.

So, here’s to the next generation of Sharia audit solutions!

Opportunities that keep flowing

Investment Company: Old Mutual

The best Sharia compliant investments are meant to just flow: you barely have to understand the structure, follow-up with anyone on the returns and get expert advice on the nature of risks involved. This is how the people behind OM African Agriculture Fund want to help investors stay in the moment, no matter what asset class they’re looking for or how they’re measuring Sharia risks. They’ve been hard at work on making this investment strategy faster, simpler, and easier for Islamic Investors.

We’ve been obsessively at work with their business team to make their Fund Sharia compliant and more reliable in its Islamic financial modality. And today, we’re releasing their Sharia Certificate, with a fresh new approach and features that make it even easier for Sharia compliant investor to understand the mechanism.

We hope you enjoy the new opportunity. And we look forward to keeping such investments flowing!

Introducing the New World of P2P Financing  

Peer to Peer Lending:  Beehive Group

It’s hard to think of a more important secondary source of capital in the world than the recent developments in Peer to Peer financing. At its best, the P2P is communicating power to the people, connecting businesses to societies, and allowing enterprises to create informed financial decisions. In the past decade, better technology and an open financial landscape has led to a revolution in how financing transactions are created, invested, and distributed. And given our mission to make Sharia Advisory services accessible and useful everywhere, we want to help ensure that this innovation leads and benefits the world of Islamic finance.

That’s why we’re working with Beehive P2P Ltd, in their new effort as a regulated entity at DFSA (Dubai Financial Service Authority) to empower financial innovation at the intersection of Sharia compliance and technology. We’re tackling this in three ways: by setting up a dedicated Sharia Board comprising of 3 scholars to meet DFSA’s regulatory requirements; by providing helpful Sharia review analysis in the hands of Beehive’s product development team; and through periodical Sharia Audits designed to ensure implementation of Sharia guidelines on some of the biggest opportunities that exist for Beehive’s Islamic Platform today.

We have worked with Beehive’s brilliant technology and platform that is spectacularly empowering the world of Islamic investment and businesses. We see their work as a global effort, with demand for their services in the GCC, Asia, Europe and beyond.

As the financing landscape continues to evolve, we believe we can create a more informed world of enterprises if technologists and financial institutes work together—and we at SRB are excited to be part of the effort.

Bringing new businesses to life

Islamic Wholesale Bank: Bank of Khartoum International

Every journey we take with our clients is unique. The products, services and business lines we certify and oversee tells us a great deal about who our clients are and what they care about.

One such inspiring client is BOK International who has recently outsourced its Sharia Advisory Committee to us. The Bank takes pride of 100 years of service to the people of Sudan with offices in 3 countries around the world. In a series of fascinating product reviews and investment certifications, we’re learning more about the origins of Islamic Financial movement in the country. We’re also beginning to see how they are customizing business lines in Bahrain to revitalize your Islamic banking experience. With trending insights in the world of wholesale banking BOKI is seeking to gain traction across the Kingdom, getting deeper into capabilities you truly care about and services that bring news businesses to life.

No matter what your business is, we hope you’ll explore the growing trend of outsourced Shari’a Advisory services and help shape the future of the field.

We are happy to have you continue to share this journey with us!

 Speeding-up Opportunities for Investors

Express Certification: Shariyah Review Bureau

Every time certification of a product takes too long, institutions lose an investor — and the opportunity to earn revenue and loyalty of an exciting deal.

Today, after discussions with institutions and Islamic investment companies around the world, we’re announcing a new initiative called Sharia Express Service, which aims to turnaround you product review in as little as 2 hours. By creating a wide-network of 31 dedicated scholars from 16 countries a new open framework has been built, which allows your products to be reviewed instantaneously – no matter what type of fund, transaction or business line you may have. We’re hoping that this service will introduce change that can profoundly and affordably impact millions for the players of the Islamic industry making Sharia compliant investment opportunities quickly available for investors.

Historically, Islamic financial institutions have relied on traditional Sharia Board structures that were often expensive, over-stretched and limited to reviewing one or two specific transactions at a time. Over time we anticipate that Islamic financial institutions will integrate this service for their time-sensitive and critical transactions.

We hope the express service will speed-up the opportunities by ensuring products are reviewed and certified faster for everyone, everywhere.


Meet the new Italian mini-bond

Legal Advisory: Nctm Studio Legale Associtao

Italian mini-bonds allow SMEs to access debt capital market and expand their investments. Similar instruments are available in other European countries like the UK, Germany, France and Norway. But what if you could explore them with a Sharia compliant touch?

With augmented returns and equity capabilities, you’ll soon be able to experience Islamic mini-bonds in a whole new way. Working with NCTM, an Italian law firm, we’ve built a listed structure, with an investment course that secures capital activity with profit sharing capabilities. By mapping future incomes of private companies, the Islamic mini-bond is expected to help investors build more efficient schedules and maximize returns.  NCTM, is releasing the Islamic mini-bonds today designed specifically for each sub-sector.

Sharia compliant investments are coming to places that you might not expect. From manufacturing companies and distributors to retailers and exporters, Italian companies will now be using the power of Sharia structures to create more visibility in entirely new business areas. This is just the beginning of how you’ll be able to use Islamic mini-bonds to help companies build businesses for the next generation.

With innovative Sharia features, we hope that businesses and investors will have a happy and productive return in the new Islamic mini-bond of Italy!


When does the Future begin?

Financial Leasing: Taajeer

When does the future begin? You may think it starts tomorrow, but for us it begins today! After all what happens tomorrow is built upon what we do today.

Since 2015, Taajeer has been preparing itself for a new world in which Islamic leasing, in whatever form, rapidly becomes the currency of choice. From enhancing competitiveness, to driving multiple models of rental programs, and, perhaps most critically, navigating through the economic structures of the machinery world of the Kingdom. Taajeer has been working hard to create immense value for customers and merchants by bringing them new, modern, enterprise-ready products.

We’ve recently signed-up with Taajeer to help bring their organization, brand and products in a Sharia compliant way into the 21st century.  Our engagement will repower an iconic segment of our markets and help shape the future of Islamic leasing.

Nowadays, Shari’a Advisory isn’t just a service useful for an Islamic financial company; Banking. Asset Management. Equipment Leasing. Payment Solutions. Sukuks. No matter what you dream of doing, our Shari’a support will help you get there. Your future — our future — is made with interactive Shari’a Advisory. Let’s do what we can to make sure that future is as bright as possible.

Let’s shape the future of Islamic finance, today!

Creative Works


In search of transformative potential


Can technology help us grow more with less?

In an inspiring new trend, US based FreshBox Farms is showing the world that it is not only realizable but with the right ingredients it can reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. You may wish to watch the TED talk by Sonia Lo, CEO of FreshBox Farms, as she shares her bold vision for growing compact vertical farmlands for our cities.

When FreshBox Farms was first introduced to me a year ago, the idea immediately stole my heart. Beyond the practice of saving over 97% of water, to smart mechanical techniques for avoiding GMO’s and pesticides, I was captivated by the ability to “vertically” grow crops in our cities. And the idea of building incredibly compact container farms to green our cities is truly incredible. Not surprisingly, this means our vegetables don’t need to travel very far to get to our tables. Now, that’s doing more with less.

We’ve recently signed an agreement with FreshBox to help structure and manage their Investments using Islamic financial modalities. This project is a first of its Shari’a compliant kind enabling investors to participate in leasing Hydroponic Box Units – the units where the farming environment is managed and digitally controlled.

FreshBox’s new technology will not only shorten distances from agricultural production to consumption, but will change the landscape of agricultural investments, allowing cities and suburban’s to supply fresh and local produce at the highest quality – and, unlock a new perspective on the future of our cities.

Talk about doing more with less!


Experiences that Create New Possibilities

SME Financing: Gulf Finance

All these amazing investment experiences in the Islamic markets are built around understanding what customers need and basic knowledge of Shari’a principles. However, there are many people and small businesses who still don’t have access to smart financial solutions. We always wanted to somehow change that; so today we are announcing an important initiative by Gulf Finance.                                                               

We’re working with them on a comprehensive leasing and financial solution — which includes Ijara management programs and SME  Asset financing platforms — to address the Shari’a compliant corporate and individual needs of the Saudi market. Gulf Finance will be providing smart programs that are high quality, business friendly, affordable and are in alignment with Islamic principles. They will launch an initial range of these products starting in the Kingdom this summer, with more offerings to follow soon.

With a new creative design, they’re working to evolve the multiple Islamic leasing platform so as to engage a new experience for the Shari’a compliant consumers. Through nationwide collaboration Gulf Finance will integrate its leading services to provide a comprehensive financing feature set that can be configured to meet the varying needs of the Kingdom’s SME’s and asset financing clients. We’re proud to be working closely with Gulf Finance reviewing their design, development, and launch of the Islamic leasing management program.

But, beyond the world of leasing businesses, many of you are increasingly surrounded by a range of investment ideas. Ideas with the ability to make a big impact in the Islamic industries. Opportunities that can create new Shari’a compliant possibilities. Something creative or imaginative that might just change the world of small and medium businesses around us.

We invite you to reach out  and share your exciting ideas with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Capturing the Future of Leasing Opportunities


You don’t need to look very far to see how Islamic finance changes the way businesses do things. Take the area of commercial Islamic leasing. Just think about how advancements in various facets of contract ownership, identification of risk-bearers, nature of assets, and key essentials of payments have significantly changed the way modern day companies experience their leasing arrangements.

The past few years have also seen widespread availability of mainstream Islamic leasing programs, previously only available in handful countries in Asia and the Middle East. Today, businesses have a wide-range choice of attractive, simple, and powerful schemes available in their local communities. Going forward, customers will be able to enjoy better experiences that combine traditional Ijara rulings with rich transactional connectivity. Equitable policies and integrated services will be the key to unifying and creating these new, more personalized, proficiencies for entities seeking value based transactions. Bringing this vision to life is the mission of the team at SK Leasing.

Their first major milestone is overcoming conventional complexities, Kazakhstani taxation laws and legal contractual requirements. This is something they are working with us on solving from a Sharia perspective. The second major focus will be steering their market initiatives and business-model opportunities in compliance with Islamic principles – transforming the company into the first Sharia compliant leasing company in the country. We expect the platform to become Kazakhstan’s leading provider of impactful solutions, enabling more than 3000 local customers and businesses to access sustainable, affordable and innovative products.

A leasing revolution is underway, where experiences of doing business in a Sharia compliant way is more personal than ever before. We’re excited to be a part of delivering these new and exciting trends.

The future of leasing starts today!


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