Meet the new Italian mini-bond

Meet the new Italian mini-bond

Legal Advisory: Nctm Studio Legale Associtao

Italian mini-bonds allow SMEs to access debt capital market and expand their investments. Similar instruments are available in other European countries like the UK, Germany, France and Norway. But what if you could explore them with a Sharia compliant touch?

With augmented returns and equity capabilities, you’ll soon be able to experience Islamic mini-bonds in a whole new way. Working with NCTM, an Italian law firm, we’ve built a listed structure, with an investment course that secures capital activity with profit sharing capabilities. By mapping future incomes of private companies, the Islamic mini-bond is expected to help investors build more efficient schedules and maximize returns.  NCTM, is releasing the Islamic mini-bonds today designed specifically for each sub-sector.

Sharia compliant investments are coming to places that you might not expect. From manufacturing companies and distributors to retailers and exporters, Italian companies will now be using the power of Sharia structures to create more visibility in entirely new business areas. This is just the beginning of how you’ll be able to use Islamic mini-bonds to help companies build businesses for the next generation.

With innovative Sharia features, we hope that businesses and investors will have a happy and productive return in the new Islamic mini-bond of Italy!

Taajeer to maximize customer value with Sharia Compliant strategy

Taajeer to maximize customer value with Sharia Compliant strategy

Jeddah based Taajeer Co, offering distinctive financial services, has announced the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) to oversee its real-estate, machinery and vehicle trading business from a Sharia perspective.

Taajeer will typically invest in vehicle trading and equipment leasing that have strong potential to grow and stimulate the transportation and construction economy. “We are a dynamic start-up in the Kingdom that is seeking to address the challenges of the Islamic financing markets on a leasing scale,” says Abbas Alnahdi Chief Executive Officer of Taajeer. ” We are seeking to serve individuals and institutional players across the region with Sharia compliant financing allocation strategies and robust leasing capabilities. That’s why we have decided to mandate our Sharia Compliance operations to SRB and remain 100% focused on delivering solutions to multi-asset Islamic requirements both in terms of our regional positioning and our capability.”

Historically Sharia Certification and supervisory processes have been managed in-house. However, as the industry has grown rapidly, institutions are increasingly demanding faster and more accessible Sharia Advisory services for product development and cross-asset allocation investments.

With its exclusive focus on the Islamic industry, SRB is well positioned to provide Sharia consultation functionality to clients regionally and worldwide. SRB’s global scholarly platform enables clients to communicate directly with Sharia experts, and manage the entire lifecycle of the investment from conception to Certification and Sharia Audit cost-effectively.

“Outsourcing Sharia Advisory services is a valuable game-changing strategy that can help clients operate their businesses better, improve compliance to Sharia, generate more revenue and adapt quickly to shifting business dynamics” says Yasser S. Dahlawi, Chief Executive Officer of SRB. “The trend has vastly transformed Sharia Compliance’s role in the Islamic industry by making it extremely easy and productive to outsource the Sharia review functions that historically occupied most of the companies time and thus allow them to focus on deploying innovative investments that will actively position the business for growth.”

Establishments like SRB are the driving force behind Islamic business transformation. Therefore, many Islamic institutions are turning to them not only to seek specialized Advisory and Sharia Audit but also for Sharia guidance about product transformation.

When does the Future begin?


Financial Leasing: Taajeer

When does the future begin? You may think it starts tomorrow, but for us it begins today! After all what happens tomorrow is built upon what we do today.

Since 2015, Taajeer has been preparing itself for a new world in which Islamic leasing, in whatever form, rapidly becomes the currency of choice. From enhancing competitiveness, to driving multiple models of rental programs, and, perhaps most critically, navigating through the economic structures of the machinery world of the Kingdom. Taajeer has been working hard to create immense value for customers and merchants by bringing them new, modern, enterprise-ready products.

We’ve recently signed-up with Taajeer to help bring their organization, brand and products in a Sharia compliant way into the 21st century.  Our engagement will repower an iconic segment of our markets and help shape the future of Islamic leasing.

Nowadays, Shari’a Advisory isn’t just a service useful for an Islamic financial company; Banking. Asset Management. Equipment Leasing. Payment Solutions. Sukuks. No matter what you dream of doing, our Shari’a support will help you get there. Your future — our future — is made with interactive Shari’a Advisory. Let’s do what we can to make sure that future is as bright as possible.

Let’s shape the future of Islamic finance, today!

Creative Works

In search of transformative potential



Can technology help us grow more with less?

In an inspiring new trend, US based FreshBox Farms is showing the world that it is not only realizable but with the right ingredients it can reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. You may wish to watch the TED talk by Sonia Lo, CEO of FreshBox Farms, as she shares her bold vision for growing compact vertical farmlands for our cities.

When FreshBox Farms was first introduced to me a year ago, the idea immediately stole my heart. Beyond the practice of saving over 97% of water, to smart mechanical techniques for avoiding GMO’s and pesticides, I was captivated by the ability to “vertically” grow crops in our cities. And the idea of building incredibly compact container farms to green our cities is truly incredible. Not surprisingly, this means our vegetables don’t need to travel very far to get to our tables. Now, that’s doing more with less.

We’ve recently signed an agreement with FreshBox to help structure and manage their Investments using Islamic financial modalities. This project is a first of its Shari’a compliant kind enabling investors to participate in leasing Hydroponic Box Units – the units where the farming environment is managed and digitally controlled.

FreshBox’s new technology will not only shorten distances from agricultural production to consumption, but will change the landscape of agricultural investments, allowing cities and suburban’s to supply fresh and local produce at the highest quality – and, unlock a new perspective on the future of our cities.

Talk about doing more with less!

Osoul Modern to drive financial transformation with Sharia Compliance

Osoul Modern to drive financial transformation with Sharia Compliance

Osoul Modern today announced the signing of the Sharia Advisory agreement with Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) to help create new value in its Islamic financing solutions.

To ensure seamless Sharia compliant performance, Saeed Ahmed Baghlaf, Managing Director and Board Member of Osoul Modern said “we are building our financing capabilities for the future. We have been working hard to create unmatched offerings to attract SME’s vital to the Kingdoms economy. With a focus on enhancing our corporate financing portfolio programs we seek to provide unique class opportunities which help finance essential service projects in Saudi Arabia.”

Speaking about the selection of SRB, Saeed added, “We are pleased to be teaming up with SRB, the fastest growing Sharia Advisory firm in the Middle East. This engagement will provideSharia compliance assurance to our customers and create exciting new opportunities for innovative products that comply with Sharia.”

Designed to provide financial institutions with exposure to Sharia advisory services, SRB is committed to empowering Sharia compliance transformation in services such as review, Certification, Sharia Audit and Sharia Consultation. By selecting SRB for its integrated Sharia compliance management platform, Osoul Modern will now have access to an enterprise-grade Sharia scholarly and Sharia audit infrastructure along with deep Islamic financial knowledge and extensive industrial practices.

SRB provides clients with a dedicated team of Islamic financial expertise and a deep knowledge base made up of 27 Sharia scholars and Sharia Auditors. “This direct access to experts and scholars helps empower every person, team and business within an organization to bring together new insights and drive faster Sharia approvals so as to seize new growth and opportunities,” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO, of SRB.

Speaking about the growth of the business Yasser added, “outsourcing Sharia Advisory functions are a relatively new practice; however, as banks and financing companies have grown more familiar with the benefits of such arrangements, demand for direct Sharia scholarly access has increased substantially.” On aligning with Osoul Modern he commented. “Through this arrangement, Osoul Modern will benefit from our Sharia Consultation, Certification and Sharia Audit services, a value proposition that will further position Osoul for continuous growth.”

Sharia Supervisory Board

Sharia Supervisory Board

The challenging regulatory environment of Sharia compliant financing, increasing Islamic product complexities and customer demand for faster certification of documents is forcing the Islamic financial industry to rethink the way Sharia Supervisory Boards (SSB) are managed.

To cope with this constantly evolving regulations and existing needs of setting up SSB’s and the ensuing review and certification of transactions, we have developed our services as of solution for your company. We will help you meet all requirements for Sharia scholars assignment, administration and regulation and will also work with you to satisfy governance and Sharia controls, working within your existing business make-up.

Why our SSB service is the best choice for you 

We are committed to delivering an SSB service that adds value – our independent partner-led service gives you much more than just your annual meetings with the scholars. Our service identifies the right scholars for your needs and assembles them to setup the Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) for your Company. We then assign a dedicated Sharia Manager as a focal point for you to liaise with and to help support you in implementation of the SSB’s guidance and rulings. Over the years we have designed many techniques to develop procedures that are tailored to the needs of each of your requirements, spanning from quick SSB investment solutions to product approval delivery in a matter of days, to large project structuring.

What type of regulatory Support do we offer? 

To help you tackle central regulatory challenges and comply with their Sharia governing directives we offer a one stop solution that delivers the compliance and peace of mind you need at a cost you can afford. The core of our solution is an in-house team that can be seamlessly integrated into the value chain of your organizations regulatory mandate. Additionally, we’ll support your regulatory goals with:

  • Filing the Governance Structures along with appointment, remuneration and dismissal procedures;
  • Drafting of Internal Control procedures between the SSB and key business activity;
  • Coverage of SSB Conflict Management Policy, Principles and Implementation;
  • Documenting the oversight process of application of Product rulings and Guidelines;
  • Submitting the system of management and containment of Sharia breaches;
  • Designing the SSB’s review as per GSIFI No. 2 of the AAOIFI Governance standards.

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